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They Did What?: 

The original DIY Lego Movie

What is it?

The Lego Movie may be a box office smash that’s already grossed more than $440 million, but one YouTube user had the idea years before it hit your local multiplex.

Custard Productions has been making it’s own lego movies on YouTube since 2007, and while the budget is a fraction of the Hollywood version, you may be surprised at at just how slick its sketches are.


Why do we like it?

      • There are some seriously impressive Lego skills on display here and the channel has also gone to town on special effects. Never mind The Lego Movie, this short video of a rocket launcher test packs an explosive finish that even Michael Bay would be proud of.
      • As well as its own short original animations, Custard Productions usually features well-known Lego figures from the worlds of comic books and film – from reconstructions and films spoofs to animated battles between Batman and Superman. Who wins? There’s only one way to find out.
      • As impressive as the animations are themselves, some of the best Custard Productions videos are taken from its comedy series. From clever parodies to original sketches – who knew these tiny yellow figures had such dramatic range.

One to watch

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