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They Did What?: 

Mashed up: Every pop culture icon ever

What would happen if you mashed up Andy Warhol, The McDonald’s logo, a vintage Game Boy and the Facebook like button in a blender? Well, you’d end up with with the video animation above!

Not Mine” is a pandemonium of motion graphics animation created by designer Guy Trefler. As part of his design graduate project at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel, this video is made entirely out of famous and recognizable art, logos, photos, and graphics created by other artists. The quirky animation features an array of designs that have made their mark in our life one way or another.

From the iconic Statue of Liberty, to the timeless Coca Cola glass bottle, to the famous Apple and Playboy logos and legendary Mortal Kombat video game, Trefler brilliantly fuels the idea behind his graduate thesis — “nothing is original.”

Ever pop culture icon ever? Perhaps not, but there are 469 different images in total, so watch it for yourself and see how many you can recognize!

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