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They Did What?: 

This website generates a Spotify playlist based on your face


How do you hear about new music? Blogs? The radio? Well, the time has come to leave those outdated mediums in the past where they belong, as a new website is here to recommend you songs based purely on a scan of your face.

MusicFace is pretty much as simple as it sounds. First you open up the website in your browser, then you scan your face in the giant on-screen circle, and finally the website spits out Spotify suggestions based on your physical characteristics and ‘mood’. Feeling sad? Then here’s R.E.M.’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ to help you wallow in your misery – or that’s the idea, at least.

The website is able to determine your age, gender and race with decent accuracy using a series of clever APIs, correct within a year or two when tested with Team GoExplore. When it comes to mood, the results were less spectacular, many of us judged to be less than 2/100 on the scale, whatever that means. We’re actually a cheery bunch. Honest.

Anyway, it’s probably this reason that MusicFace ended up suggesting we listen mostly to ‘mellow rock music’ and ‘mellow electronic music’, and only when we gave our biggest smile (13/100 on the scale, btw), we managed to get some ‘popular house music’ out of it. Perhaps MusicFace is broken, or perhaps it scans our souls as well as our faces and knows us better than we even know ourselves.

Once you’re done submitting your own face and jamming out to mellow rock music, then you’re probably going to want to put your friends’ faces in there and inevitably celebrities’ too. Thankfully, Gizmodo have already done this for us, so you can find out what Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Hodor from Game of thrones and Ada Lovelace, creator of the first alogorithm, would be listening to based on their faces. Thank goodness for that.

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