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They Did What?: 

This napkin doubles as a portable picnic table


“Move it buddy, nothing to see here”

You’re going to a picnic this weekend – so why not bring along a table in your bag? Because it’s impossible? Well, not anymore, thanks to Napkin Table from Tunghai University graduates.

This original creation from the Taiwanese designers sort of does what you expect it to. It’s a foldable napkin with a table in the middle and straps that tie around your neck.

Once assembled, users are able to place their food on a tray that is suspended in the centre space between them and are also protected by napkins that act as bibs. When it’s time to eat simply unfold the table, hang it around your neck, pull it apart and voila – dinner is served. At the very least, you’ll have something to talk about.

The product wasn’t just built for its practicality, though.

“Generally, we often chitchat with friends through the meal,” said the creators. “However, with more and more people addicted to mobile technology, it happens more frequently that people have meals with absence of mind.”

In an era where mobile technology makes communication fast and easy, people have replaced the fork with a mobile device, continuously texting, talking on the phone or engaging with social media.

Although no official release date has been confirmed, clearly only Napkin Table can save us now.

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