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They Did What?: 

Oversharing? Soft toy lets babies upload their own selfies

babies social media toys

Infants post to social media with corresponding soft toys

Fed up of baby pictures dominating your Facebook feed? Then imagine how they feel! No matter where they crawl, new borns are greeted by cameras shoved into their tiny faces, with the resulting photos hastily uploaded to the internet without permission.

This is the frustration at the heart of New Born Fame, an installation by Dutch designer Laura Cornet that puts babies in ‘control’ of their own social media presence.

Cornet designed a mobile that hangs from the baby’s crib, with dangling soft toys which operate their various social media accounts. One toy is shaped like a Facebook logo and another the Twitter bird, posting statuses and selfies when the child reaches towards them. Cameras and motion sensors are hidden in the side as well as above the crib, uploading images and videos with captions such as “Taking pictures in the crib!! #myfirstselfie.”

babies social media toys

How do I look? Vanity now begins at day 1

If you’re thinking that this all sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, then you’d be right, and rest assured Cornet has no intention of bringing the product to market. Instead, the designer hopes to start a debate about the ethics of posting pictures of infants online.

Speaking to Dezeen, Cornet commented: ““It’s weird to be involved in the life of someone who doesn’t even know I have already seen everything in their life. And the baby couldn’t make a choice to maybe not show me.”

New Born Fame was met with a mixed response at Dutch Design Week, with many thoroughly creeped out and others – worryingly – wanting to buy the social toys for their own babies. So, despite the project’s intentions, don’t be surprised if babies begin signing up for their own social media accounts in the not too distant future.

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