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They Did What?: 

Nintendo toaster is the best thing since sliced bread


Toasts your high scores in minutes

If you went to university in the mid-1980s, then toast and Nintendo would have been your bread and butter (ahem). Well, thanks to Finnish artist Jarno Kotavuopio, the two student staples have at last been unified once-and-for-all.

Bad news if you’re craving toast, we’re afraid, as the innards of this retro-styled appliance have been ripped out to make room for a fully-functional NES console. But while the Nintendo toaster, or Nintoaster, won’t save you when hunger strikes, you can at least play Donkey Kong until you fall asleep under its satisfying red glow.

To fire up a game – without burning it to toast – just pop it into one of the toaster’s slots and pull down the lever. The second slot has been fitted with inputs for your controllers, while the temperature dial has been rigged to adjust the volume and the eject button will reset the console. To see the Nintoaster in action, watch the demonstration below;

The orange Nintoaster is actually the second version of Kotavuopio’s concept, following a white and chrome model earlier this year. Meanwhile, somewhat less stylish Nintoaster attempts date back as far as 2008.

Kotavuopio’s creation, though, is easily the best we’ve seen, with the artist going as far as to design toasted dust covers for his game cartridges to complete the effect. Just make sure it’s the Nintoaster you’re putting them into and not your regular toaster, before you grill your copy of Legend of Zelda beyond repair.

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