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They Did What?: 

Say cheese for Rambo, the octopus photographer

The octopus might be known for it’s suction cup-covered arms – there are eight of them after all – but it’s also one of the smartest members of the animal kingdom. You may already know of Paul, the animal oracle of soccer predictions, but now meet Rambo – whose learned to take photographs of its visitors using Sony’s new water-resistant camera.

The octopus photographer can be seen at New Zealand’s Sea Life Aquarium, where visitors stand in front of a special backdrop so that Rambo knows to take their picture. The aquarium is charging NZ$2 per photo, and we’d like to think that Rambo gets a cut of that to spend on a slap-up meal of crabs, whelks and polychaete worms. Yum.

“When we first tried to get her to take a photo, it only took three attempts for her to understand the process. That’s faster than a dog,” Rambo’s trainer, Mark Vette, told Cult of Mac. “Actually, it’s faster than a human in some instances.”

According to CNET, Octopuses can become a bit spoilt when it comes to new toys, requiring a regular rotation of stimulus so that they don’t get bored. So, if the aquarium wants to keep hold of their newest skilled member of staff, it’ll need to upgrade its camera equipment pretty sharpish.

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