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Paper cuts never felt so good with this origami razor

Papercut razor

Everybody hates paper cuts – but what if we could harness the deceptively sharp powers of A4 to do good? A new origami razor does exactly that, paper-cutting your facial hair in a way that’s a little less Scarface, and a little more Don Draper.

Nadeem Haidary is the designer of the eco-friendly Paper Cut Razor, which is still in its concept stage.

As he explains, “paper cuts are universally hated. What if we put them to good use? This project uses that everyday mishap as inspiration for an everyday task. Paper Cut Razor takes a seemingly outrageous idea and makes it real. It’s a disposable razor made entirely out of paper. It’s a fictional product that playfully challenges two notions: that paper cuts are inherently evil, and that current disposable razors are truly disposable.”

paper cut razors

A set of truly disposable paper razors in a disposable paper package

The one-use razors operate like a conventional razor, are cheap to make and buy and promote an eco-friendly attitude since you can just throw them in a recycle bin after use.

Despite its benefit, a number of functionality and safety concerns mean that Paper Cut Razor remains just a concept for now. Paper cuts through skin like a knife through butter – do we really want it on our face? After all, better to look like Scarface than Edward Scissorhands.

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