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They Did What?: 

Original patents become works of art

There was once a time when someone said, “Everything that can be invented, has been invented”. How wrong they were. Inventors continue to blow the minds of us simple folk day in day out with their ground-breaking, innovative and forward thinking creations.

Arugably, one of the hassles of inventing something is creating a patent for it, a modern day bureaucracy which, for the good of the inventor, protected it in the form of copyright law. I know if we’d designed the original Batman mask and found some other moron stole it and created what has become one of the greatest superhero trilogies to date, we’d be seriously peeved.

Batman patent

Even The Dark Knight needs a patent

The company responsible, PatentPrints, is part of the online shopping community, Etsy, where you’re able to ‘shop directly from people around the world’. Patent Prints have managed to get licenses for a lot of the designs that are well-recognised in today’s fast-paced society, and presented them in a trendy chalkboard style.

camera patent

The guy that designed this never saw the ‘selfie’ coming…

As can be seen from the picture above, they don’t just come in chalkboard form, but are also available in navy, burgundy and apple shades among others. You’d think based on the spectacular and nostalgic aesthetics that these bad boys would force a rather substantial hit on the bank balance. In fact, they go for £4.24 each (or just over $7). Talk about a bargain.

Maybe it’s time you really absorb the work that went into that telephone you’re using, or the superhero halloween costume that’s stuffed at the back of your wardrobe. There’s a story to go with the inventions of the 21st Century and this is probably the most creative way to appreciate the under-appreciated patent.


Just a massive round of applause for the slinky inventor. Stairs have never been more fun

Lego patent

No this isn’t the Lego man’s mugshot, it is indeed the patent design

The aptly named rebellion ship had to fall in line with copyright law too

The aptly named rebellion ship had to fall in line with copyright law too

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