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They Did What?: 

Feeling wealthy after payday? Not for long.


It’s payday!* You’ve paid your rent, your bills and put $5 in the emergency vet fund for your pet ocelot, and you’ve still got money left over. What do you do? If you’re sensible, you invest it, or save it for a rainy day, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re as dumb as me, so:

Head straight on to This Is Why I’m Broke and start spending like the credit crunch was all just a bad dream.

Quite simply, the site collates amazing stuff to buy from around the internet. I use ‘amazing’ in every sense. There’s stuff that’s genuinely amazing useful (like this Magnetic Glassware Spot Scrubber), stuff that’s wonderful tat (the Oreo dunking spoon for example) and stuff which just makes you scratch your head and wonder who on Earth would even make this stuff, let alone buy it (take a bow Horse Head Squirrel Feeder).

The beauty of the site is that there’s stuff for every budget. While not everyone will be able to afford the Private Florida Island (RRP: $5,000,000.00), the $0.99 ‘Walk While You Text App’ should be in more people’s budgets. Although it will take you that bit longer to save up for the island.

*Not for me, but for someone, somewhere.

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