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They Did What?: 

The Pizza Cake is here

Pizza cake body

We’re gonna need some bigger trousers

“If you like it, we’ll make it”

This is what Canada’s Boston Pizza is saying about the Pizza Cake, currently ranked number 1 on its list of “Pizza Game Changers” – a collection of wacky concoctions to aid the enjoyment of one of mankind’s greatest culinary creations.

According to the company, the six-layer, 5,000-calorie cake is: “Great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even lonely nights watching infomercials.”

Also in the race

Pizza cutter body

Hasta la vista, pizza

Although the Pizza Cake is currently leading the pack, hot on its heals are Pizza Mints – keeping that pizza flavour going all night long in 27 incredible pizza flavours. Then there’s our personal favourite, the Gas-powered Pizza Cutter – “With its four-stroke two-horsepower engine and steel-alloy cutting blade, there won’t be a pizza you can’t slice.”

That 12-inch thin crust pepperoni never stood a chance.

pizza mints body

Never be without the taste of pizza again

There’s also a protective carry case for your cheesy slices, a shirt with a pizza pocket, pizza tacos and clippers for slicing errant strands of mozzarella.

Boston Pizza has around 350 eateries in Canada and nearly 50 franchises in the US and Canada. With innovations like these, surely it won’t be long before they take over the world.

Photos:/Boston Pizza
  • Rod Humbex

    I’ll take 12!

  • Erik Alfred

    That’s my birthday cake sorted.

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The pizza cake looks lovely.
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