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They Did What?: 

A real-life Transformer?


George Edgren of Wisconsin, USA, has done the unthinkable. Standing tall in his garden is a 23-foot-high Transformer. The news comes just days after the release of the new Transformers: Age of Extinction movie, starring Mark Wahlberg.

But it just so happens that while people queue up to see Wahlberg and his blockbuster film, hoards of Transformer fans are visiting the site in Wisconsin to see George and his new creation.

Edgren built the Transformer out of the remains of an Oldsmobile Alero which he bought as a junk vehicle.

“A friend of mine from work brought it up. He said you should build a Transformer. It didn’t really seem to strike my fancy. Two to three weeks later, I had the junk car, had a bunch of angle iron, bolt it to the concrete and started from the ground up.”


It looks like a Transformer built on a low budget, not quite resembling those created in Michael Bay’s franchise, but it does make for one heck of a garden ornament. Edgren, who owns Edgren Bilt Yard Art, says the figure took about a month to build.

Edgren did say that he’s still trying to come up with a name for his Transformer, and is even taking suggestions for it on his Facebook page.

What does he plan on doing with it, now that it’s built? “I just built it to catch attention, people pleaser, and after that I don’t know. I’d sell it if it needed to be, but it never really crossed my mind too much.”

Photos: George Edgren via Facebook

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