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They Did What?: 

Why rejection is awesome – Jia Jiang’s 100 day challenge

What is it?

Would you feel comfortable asking complete a stranger for $100? How about asking for a free room in a hotel? Don’t worry– you’re not alone in fearing rejection.

These might be extreme examples, but how many times do you let a little social anxiety get in the way of asking for what you really want? Jia Jiang’s YouTube channel is dedicated to tackling the fear of rejection, having set out on a 100-day challenge to throw caution to the wind and make whatever unlikely request pops into his head.

Why do we like it?

        • Filming rejections is one thing, but it’s Jia Jiangs personality which really makes his channel a success.  Always friendly and likeable – even when his requests are baffling – Jiang is usually able to win over his subjects even as his requests are denied. Having been rejected the opportunity to make an intercom announcement at Costco, for example, his people skills win him a free meal courtesy of the store’s manager. 
        • While Jiang’s 100 Days of Rejection may now be over, the challenge has led him onto bigger and better things. The YouTuber has secured a book deal with Crown Publishing for 2015, and has also given talks on rejection for the likes of Google and TED.

One to watch

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