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They Did What?: 

Welcome to the saddest tweets you’ve ever sent

Sad Tweets Body

The lonely world of Sad Tweets

Unless you’re a Bieber or a Styles, you probably don’t expect much traction on an average tweet. Post a nice picture of your latest attempt at creating the ultimate burger, for instance, and two retweets and three favourites is enough to get you through the weekend.

But what about those times when you actually work on a tweet and time it just right, only for it to be ignored completely by the world? When you craft a gag that you’re sure, given a bit or luck, will be sent around the globe, spawning 100 retweets each time you click refresh, only for you to watch as three people quietly unfollow you?

Well now there’s a site to help you relive those lonely moments! Enter your twitter handle and password into Sad Tweets  – which has the tagline “Discover the saddest, most lonely tweets you ever tweeted” – to take a nostalgic stroll through the crypt of your ultimate twitter fails.

Nowhere to hide

After reading through your feed, all those gems that nobody acknowledged in any way will be slowly zoomed towards you one after the other, showing you just how much you’re spending your time simply shouting and joking to a virtual empty room. You’ll most likely start by seeing your first ever tweet, back when you had zero friends. You can check what that is by using Twitter Discover, a nifty first tweet finder.

You can only look at your own account, so there’s no way to use Sad Tweets to launch an attack on your friends, colleagues or Twitter foes, but if you really want to use social networks to mock others you can just go through their accounts manually. It’s not as if you’ve anything better to do, you loser! Sorry.

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