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They Did What?: 

Your phone is now a Game Boy


Now, if only we could remember where we left those old cartridges

The Game Boy may have been the size of a brick, but it was built to last. Surviving originals still sell for surprising amounts on eBay, but don’t despair if yours has given up the ghost, you can now play your old game cartridges on your smartphone with this nifty gadget.

It’s called the Smart Boy. It first surfaced back in April, when everyone assumed it was an April Fool’s joke. It turns out that Hyperkin – the firm behind it – was gauging the reaction before putting it into production. Now it’s flicked the switch and the Smart Boy has gone into production – for real, this time.

To use it, just slide in your smartphone. Like the classic Game Boy, the game cartridges slot into the back. It even emulates the bulky design and button layout of the classic console.

Hyperkin has shown off two prototypes – one for the iPhone 6 Plus and one for Android phones. Both use a Game Boy emulator to suck the game information from the cartridge and display it on the phone as if you were playing your handheld in 1989.

We knew we were right to hang onto all our old Game Boy games. We would fire up Tetris first to get our retro fix. What would you play? And which other consoles would you like to see recreated via add-ons for smartphones? Let us know.

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