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They Did What?: 

Smooth McGroove’s amazing gaming acapellas

What is it?

If we told you that Smooth McGroove was an acapella artist, you might expect his vocal style to be ripped from the crusty scripture of heavy metal history. But don’t be fooled by appearances, because behind that vast Viking beard of his is the voice of an angel.

His specialty is retro video games, taking treasured 8-bit gems and transforming them into multi-layered choral masterpieces. Niche? Perhaps, but McGroove’s videos routinely rack up views into the hundreds of thousands.

Why do we like it?

      • For the seasoned gamer, Smooth McGroove’s channel is a goldmine of cherished soundtracks – from bonafide classics to cult favorites. These melodic renditions sent us straight back to when we first played each game – evoking the eerie dungeons and fast paced platformers of our youth.
      • Each video is filmed in the same style, using both clips from the original game and a multi-screen effect so that you can see how each a capella is layered. Lookout for McGroove’s showman flourishes, as well as regular appearances from his cat – Charl.
      • Got a favorite song from a video game that Smooth McGroove hasn’t covered? Well, he also takes requests. What’s more, his music is available to buy from Bandcamp and – for super fans – he even sells T-shirts.

One to watch

  • Zuzana Franova Barinkova

    Funny 🙂

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