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They Did What?: 

Soccer-playing sheep celebrate World Cup in style

Four legged players, a ball made of foam and a match that was so intense that by the end of it there was almost no grass left on the pitch. Not your average soccer match, but for sheep in Nobsa, Colombia, this is the biggest stage of all.

The sheep’s soccer match between Colombia and Brazil was organised by local tradesmen as part of International Poncho Day, celebrated every year in mainland Colombia.

Of course, this being International Poncho Day, sheep were kitted out in only the trendiest homemade woollen ponchos, also sporting shirts in their teams’ traditional colours with the names of their human counterparts emblazoned on their backs.

In a perfect display of disciplined coaching, sheep were handled by their owners and guided around the pitch for the duration of the match. Admittedly, the ‘players’ seemed more interested in eating the grass than sprinting on it, spending their time socialising with team members and looking generally lost.

The final result was a 4-3 victory for Colombia on their home turf, thanks to a goal in the last minute by “James Rodriguez,” whose two-footed namesake plays for Monaco.

Don’t care for ponchos and not a fan of sheep soccer? Read our idiot’s guide to the World Cup (the proper one) for the lowdown on this year’s tournament.

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