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They Did What?: 

Social media gravestone leaves us feeling queasy

We can't help wondering if Tinder will still be relevant in 2064, but hey ho. (Denise Rushe / Twitter)

We can’t help wondering if Tinder will still be relevant in 2064, but hey ho. (Denise Rushe / Twitter)

What do you want to be remembered for, when you’re dead and gone? Perhaps it’ll be for your work. Your art, maybe. Or even just as a loving parent and all round good time guy or girl. It probably won’t be for your 92% positive eBay feedback (ah, the 8% that got away) or your 184 Tinder matches, but a wonderful new art exhibit in Ireland imagines just that, blurring the lines between life-achievements, tracking apps and mortality in a witty, but chilling way.

The photo above is captured from an exhibit entitled ‘Lifelogging’ at the Dublin Science Museum, in which designer Karl Toomey takes a satirical eye at social media and lifelogging with ‘fictional and humorous’ products such as the Celebrity Tracker that will tell you where in the world Justin Bieber is for a small monthly fee, along with jewelry describing the owner as a ‘Data Donor’ in the same way that one would supply organs in the event of an accident.

We can’t help but think some of the data captured – which it’s quite plausible will all still be readily available for our ancestors in years to come – will be relevant by the year 2064, though. Is Tinder still going to be a thing, or will dating have been further depersonalized in even more terrifying ways? You may as well include the number of hits a person’s Geocities site has had, or the number of LiveJournal friends, for its likely relevance in five decades time.

You can find out more about the exhibit in the video below, but if you want the gravestone for yourself, you’ll have to find an engraver who doesn’t think you’re playing a sick joke. Just be prepared for some disbelieving looks if you inflate your number of Instagram followers. Remember: this data is permanent, and we can always check…

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