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They Did What?: 

SpeakEmoji, the app that translates your voice into emojis in real time


If a picture is a worth a thousand words, then how about a sentence made of emojis? The answer may be closer than you think, thanks to a new app that translates speech into emojis in real time.

It’s called SpeakEmoji, and its creators are touting it as the first ever voice-to-emoji translator. It’s the language you never thought to learn, and yet you’re already partially fluent.

The translation happens very simply, just download the app for your Android or iOS device, then speak into the microphone and watch your thoughts processed into tiny, colorful icons before your eyes. It’s also available as a web app, only on Google Chrome.

Once the app has paraphrased your speech as emojis, you can then share the results instantly via text message, email or your social network of choice. The translations are actually fairly logical, but reading emoji is much tricker than speaking it.

The app was designed by the London-based SapientNitro, intended to help adults break through their kids’ code.

SapientNitro CEO Mark Hunter told the Daily Mail: “To celebrate what will undoubtedly go down as the year of the emoji, we created SpeakEmoji, a voice-to-emoji translator that ensures it’s not just teenagers having all the fun.

“Now even those of us who have yet to master the art of quickly locating the perfect emoji on the keyboard can join the conversation.”

Will kids and teens appreciate their parents infiltrating their emoji-filled conversations? We’re not convinced. But take a look at the video below and decide for yourself.

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