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They Did What?: 

Sphero’s BB-8 is the Star Wars toy to conquer all others


The cat is going to LOVE this.

Let’s start with an apology.

Last week we published our list of seven Star Wars Episode VII tie-ins to get you excited for The Force Awakens, but it’s now become apparent that we jumped the gun. Clearly, had we known of its existence, Sphero’s new smartphone-controlled BB-8 roller droid would have whizzed past them all to top the list.

You might remember the BB-8 droid from the new movie’s trailer, where it appeared just seconds in to the delight of Star Wars fanatics. The movie doesn’t premiere until December, but It took only a few minutes for the GIFs to begin rolling in, and within months a Japanese airliner had been remodeled and decorated in its honor. Needless to say, it’s already a big hit.

So, how would you like to own a pocket-sized version of the little guy that you can roll around the house and annoy the cat with? That’s what is on offer from Sphero, which has given its other toys a timely facelift that is bound to please legions of Star Wars fans.

Just look at this thing in action;

The tie-in is a genius move from Sphero, which, really, has just added a lick of paint and a magnetic head to the connected ball toy it already sells. Collectors of Star Wars toys will be more than satisfied though – not only is it a tidy job, but through the toy’s companion app they’re really able to get their fix of the franchise.

As well as driving the droid around to your heart’s content, there are plenty of games, features and sound effects to keep you busy. They’ve even replicated R2D2’s hologram from Episode IV via augmented reality, so you can record a video message and watch as the BB-8 plays it back through your iPhone or iPad.

The toy goes on sale tonight at midnight and is set to be priced at $149.99 – that’s just $20 more than the original Sphero. If you like the idea of owning a miniature BB-8 we recommend acting quickly, this one is likely to prove very popular.

For more details, visit the Sphero website.

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