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They Did What?: 

Strange but brilliant statistical coincidences

Statistical coincidences can be fun! Okay, bare with us a moment, we understand that looking for patterns in data might not rank highly on a list of ways to spend your lunch break, but thankfully the hard work has already been done – leaving us with just the interesting bits.

For instance, what does the age of Miss America have in common with murders by steam, hot vapours and hot objects? Well, a lot more than you might think. Tyler Vigen’s Spurious Correlations blog is dedicated to uncovering this kind of bizarre but fascinating connection between seemingly unrelated ideas.

As well as sharing new correlations regularly, Vigen’s site allows you to discover your own statistical symmetry from its huge database of historical data. Simply choose a variable from the list provided and the website will match it with something similar – often resulting in curious results like these…

Nicolas Cage is a powerful man

statistical correlations found between Nicolas Cage films

statistical correlations found between Nicolas Cage films

Don’t eat cheese before bed. No really, don’t do that.

statistical correlations cheese / bedsheerts

You’re sure you want to study law?


One can’t survive on margarine alone

starving margarine

Don’t eat eggs at the wheel


Explore the full collection of statistical coincidences over at Tyler Vigen’s Spurious Correlations blog. You may just find an interesting connection between the volume of Go Explore articles and cat or robot-related news stories.

Photo: Sergey Nivens/

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