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They Did What?: 

Street artist Blu archives his life’s work

What is it?

Introducing BLU – an Italian street artist best known for his sarcastic yet powerful (and often haunting) paintings, which throughout the years, have been strewn across urban canvases in several cities not just in Europe, but across the globe.

Spanning the likes of Nicaragua, Brazil, England, Spain and Italy to name a few, BLU has made his influence felt on a global scale. It is on this dedicated YouTube page where we are able to find all of his animations and paintings as well as some choice behind the scenes moments.


What do we like about it?

      • BLU showcases not just a few of his pieces but has an entire website dedicated to his life’s work, all nicely compiled into a number of sketchbooks. If ever there was an artist who believed in an open source philosophy then it’s BLU, who has opened his doors to the general public without the need for a paywall.
      • The amount of time and detail that goes into these projects is quite mind-blowing when you consider his methods. From boarding a crane in order to paint huge canvases, to taking pictures of a multitude of drawings in order to create wonderful animations, BLU’s creativity seems to know no bounds.
      • Thanks to his worldly travels, we are also given an insight into the politics of various cities. From his works in Sao Paulo where he recreated the Christ of Corcovado, submerged by guns and rifles, to his paintings on the walls of Prague featuring bulldozers and tanks chasing each other, BLU carries a political context within his work making it all the more interesting and giving himself further substance as an artist.

One to watch

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