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Now you can play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on your calculator


Super Smash Bros. is set to land on Wii U this Friday (November 21), but those who can’t wait to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest melee brawler can try the game on another new format – the T1-83 calculator.

The modded game was posted by a user named Hayleia on Omnimaga – a website dedicated to calculator and PC programming. A niche market, you might think, but the active community has already successfully completed calculator versions of Fruit Ninja and Bomberman. The days when learning to type ‘hello’ and ‘shell’ was the height of calculator entertainment are long gone, it seems.

Best of all the game is open source, meaning anyone can tinker with the code to develop it further. At least, anyone who knows how on earth you go about doing such a thing. So far, the only playable characters are Fox and Falco – but it’s a work in progress, with the Omnimaga forum working to add more of the game’s combatants and features.

According to Hayleia, playing the game on your T1-83 or T1-84 is as simple as downloading the code and uploading it to your calculator via USB.

For more game GIFs, updates and explanation, read the full Omnimaga thread here.

Via Kotaku.

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