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They Did What?: 

The man who planted an entire forest on his own

So, you think taking care of the office orchid is a lot of work? Think again, because Jadav Payeng single-handedly planted and catered to the needs of an entire forest.

We are not joking.

The Molai Forest in Assam is a 1,360 acre forest planted on a sandbar that is the world’s largest river island, Majuli. To give you some perspective on the magnitude of his achievement, Payeng has planted an area almost twice the size of the iconic Central Park in New York City. He’s been growing the forest since the 1970s, and now you can watch the story of his accomplishment via the Indiegogo-funded documentary embedded at the top of this page.


The majuli river island is the world’s biggest, home to 150,000 people

Payeng planted and took care of trees for over 30 years until they finally formed what is now known as the Molai Forest. His devotion to protect the natural habitat of his family and essentially the environment is humbling to say the least.

Payeng’s actions appear even greater when you see the repercussions. Apart from a beautiful scenery, the forest eventually became the home of animals and wildlife including Bengal tigers, deers, vultures and more than a hundred elephants. The committed caretaker made sure to plant a wide variety of trees ending up with a forest of over a thousand species, including 300 hectares of bamboo.

Documentary filmmaker William Douglas McMaster decided to turn the public eye on this incredible story of selfless love for the common good – a story we have a lot to learn from. Through a crowdfunded campaign on Indiegogo, McMaster created a short film named Forest Man that shed some light to the feelings, thoughts and motivation of the silent hero by the name of Jadav Payeng.

That orchid at the office doesn’t look like too much work now, right?

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