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They Did What?: 

Traffic lights that dance aim for a safer city

Shake it red man!

Shake it red man!

The greatest bits of design are the ones that reinvent already established ideas. Car manufacturer Smart sprinkled some magic on the old traffic lights by making them…dance!

In an attempt to make cities safer Smart created this imaginative project aiming to motivate pedestrians and drivers to pay more attention to traffic lights. The project is part of Smart’s #WhatAreYouFor Twitter campaign, which wants to highlight the emphasis placed by the company on issues of safety.

Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, the car company placed a booth in the middle of a busy square and invited people to enter and share some of their best dance moves. The booth was equipped with cameras that recorded people dancing and then replicated the moves on the traffic lights of a pedestrian crossing near by.

The idea behind the design was to make waiting at traffic lights fun for pedestrians so they won’t be tempted to cross early. As you can see from the video the dancing traffic lights caused strollers to stop and engage with what was happening, making their wait safer and more entertaining at the same time.

Photos: Smart

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