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They Did What?: 

The True Love Tinder Robot that’s “guaranteed” to find you love


Romance and tech aren’t always a match made in heaven

Unlucky in love? While apps like Tinder have made it easier than ever to match up with strangers, it can be hard to work out your real feelings in a frenzy of frantic swiping. Enter the True Love Tinder Robot.

It was invented by Nicole He, an NYU graduate student who submitted the robot as her final project. According to He’s website, it will “find you love, guaranteed” and is “100% scientific,” although she doesn’t use Tinder herself.

The robot hand takes away any difficult swiping decisions by doing them all for you, reading from sensors that determine your attraction. The readings are taken from your real hands, which are placed onto a sheet of metal to test for their galvanic skin response. Or, in other words, how electrically conductive they are, which can change depending how sweaty your palms get when looking through Tinder profiles. Definitely not at all creepy, then.

See the robot in action below;

As you can see, the True Love Tinder Robot has also been programmed to talk you through the process, with lines of script inspired by GLaDOS, from the video game Portal. Choice phrases include “judge this person,” and “determine if this person has any value.”

“In a time when it’s very normal for couples to meet online, we trust that algorithms on dating sites can find us suitable partners,” explains He, writing again on her website. Simultaneously, we use consumer biometric devices to tell us what’s going on with our bodies and what we should do to be healthy and happy. Maybe it’s not a stretch to consider what happens when we combine these things.”

She concluded: “This project explores the idea that the computer knows us better than we know ourselves, and therefore it has better authority on who we should date than we do.”

Despite a growing number of dating apps, romance and technology haven’t always been a match made in heaven. For more evidence of tech’s dating failings, see our roundup of the creepiest examples.

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