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They Did What?: 

The smartphone you can smoke


Yes, it’s real – a smartphone that doubles as an electronic cigarette.

Let’s be honest, most smartphones are the same nowadays. Every now and again one comes along with a bigger display, or a new form factor, and occasionally they’ll have a curved screen. The Jupiter, however, is something else entirely – a smartphone that you can smoke.

That’s because it doubles as an electronic cigarette. Put the mouthpiece between your lips, and you can vape away to your heart’s content.

There’s not much information about how it works, or the device’s specs, so it could well be a hoax. But indulge us a minute. We quite like the idea of two devices in one. Who doesn’t check their phone when they head out for a smoke break anyway?

The Jupiter is made by Vaporcade, which is part of a bigger organisation called the Human Health Organization, or H2O. H2O also makes the Vapebot, a robot designed to test how safe vaping is, and Neull’s, an e-cigarette specially designed for use in prisons. Vaporcade also makes e-cigarettes and special coffee to compliment those e-cigs.

So what do we know about The Jupiter? It costs $299, or $499 with LTE for a faster mobile connection. It runs Android. There’s a mouthpiece on the top, with a hookah hose also available. And it seems to be available now from the Vaporcade website.

Vaporcade says its aim is to “eliminate tobacco from the planet” to help people live healthier lives. The phone will help us to consume “nutraceuticals, energy, and enhanced dietary supplements via its innovative vaporizing cartridge while using smartphone capabilities”.

If anyone has $300 lying spare and wants to try it, we’d be willing to hear how you get on.

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