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They Did What?: 

Vine before Vine – the 5 second film channel

What is it?

Vine may have built a social network around tiny six-second videos, but that still feels too long in the eyes of this YouTube channel. 5 Second Films, then, does exactly what you expect it to – taking simple and often silly concepts and squashing them down into just a few frames. You’ll be surprised at just how cohesive they can be.


What do we like about it?

      • 5 Second Films houses many different styles all in one place, from the witty and wacky, to ‘bummer week’ which captures depressing scenarios and paints them in a coat of dark, dry humour. Whatever your taste in movies, there’s bound to be a miniature version of it here.
      • The channel’s tagline is ‘Wasting your time, but not very much of it’, which is the beauty of 5 Second Films. Like Vine, It’s hit and miss by it’s very nature, but if you don’t like one video then you’ll have only wasted a few seconds before you’re onto the next.
      • The channel has posted nearly 2,000 films already, which might seem daunting if they weren’t only five seconds long. Technically, if you spent an hour lunch break watching the channel you will have watched an incredible 720 films. You’ll be a 5 Second Film buff in no time.

One to watch

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