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They Did What?: 

Watch 136 years of special effects in three minutes

Believe it or not, back in 1878 the ability to show a horse galloping on screen was at the pinnacle of special effects. Oh, how things have changed;

It turns out that a lot can happen in 136 years – who knew? That doesn’t make it any less inspiring to roll back the years and watch the evolution of effects in this three-minute video from YouTuber Jim Casey.

Beginning with the simple zoetrope animations and in-camera effects of early film, Casey’s video presents a chronological journey through cinematic history – ending with the mind-beinding visuals from the likes of Inception and Gravity. Watch as black and white movies turn to colour and animatronics evolve into CGI, making explosions all the more explosive and natural disasters all the more, errr, natural.

From Metropolis and Mary Poppins to the The Mummy and The Matrix – by the end of the video we were left wondering if there’s anything left to be recreated on the silver screen. Depending on your outlook, that’s either really exciting or really depressing.

If it does depress you, then cheer yourself up with some of Casey’s other movie compilations. As well as special effects, he’s tackled the greatest film characters and bloopers, as well as the most beautiful films of all time – keeping the magic of cinema well and truly alive.

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