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They Did What?: 

Wembley’s iconic arch to react to the crowd’s support

Wembley arch

Winning or losing, the arch reacts accordingly

London’s Wembley National Stadium has collaborated with EE to bring its iconic arch to life with the crowd’s roar. Or, if you’ve been to Wembley recently, the crowd’s disappointed grumbles and defeatist groans.

From early 2015, the giant arch will be lit by 228 large LED floodlights that are capable of creating millions of different color combinations. When placed end-to-end the lights would cover five Olympic-sized swimming pools in length, but the clever bit is how they generate color – reacting to the mood of England’s fans on social media. Given the team’s early exit from this summer’s World Cup, let’s hope they have a back-up plan.

Details of exactly how the lights will alter aren’t clear, but we imagine a glorious bright green when things are going well, and an ominous red hanging above the players to add to their misery in defeat. Ah, the beautiful game.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand at EE said: “Switching on the new connected arch marks an exciting moment in our technology roll out, with fantastic new app features launching in October, contactless technology to change the way people queue and pay, and so much 3G and 4G capacity that uploading selfies and downloading replays are possible for everyone.”

You see, plenty of room of room for optimism. Watch the technology in action below as it was launched to the tune of Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’.

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