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World’s Wildest Waterslides

With summer just around the corner and with the spine-tingling Ihu’s Breakaway Falls just opened in Orlando (more on that below), we’re in the mood to bust out of the office and throw ourselves down a wet tube at high speed. Join us, then, on our pick of the most thrilling slides of the sunny season…

1. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

Waterslide - BreakawayFalls body

Drop 24 feet per second when the floor falls away

Just opened at Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark, Orlando, the thrilling Ihu’s Breakaway Falls asks riders to climb 126 steps to the top of an 80-foot tower and step into one of three colorful boxes. The doors are closed and riders face each other and wait – to the sound of a heartbeat – for the floor to simply drop away. Riders then drop 20-24 feet per second. The orange is longest, green the shortest and blue the steepest. There’s also a purple one, which doesn’t start in a box, but riders are calling it the most insane of them all.

2. Verrückt

Waterslide - Verruckt body

Officially the tallest waterslide in the world

Taller than Niagra Falls, Verrückt is the new world’s tallest waterslide and is due to open at the end of May. With pride of place at the Kansas City Schlitterbahn park, the 168 feet ride – 4 feet taller than the Kilimanjaro slide in Rio de Janeiro – will hurl a four-person raft downwards at 60-70mph. The climb to the top is 264 steps, so you might want to work on your cardio before you buy your tickets. By the way, Verrückt is German for ‘insane’, just to warn you.

3. The Leap of Faith

waterslide - Leap of Faith body

Separated by sharks and rays by thin plastic

It’s not the tallest, it’s not the fastest… but it does shoot you through a shark tank. Situated in the Aquaventure Waterpark in The Bahamas, The Leap of Faith has you falling over 60 feet from the top of a replica Mayan Temple in a second, before speeding you through a clear acrylic tube surrounded by sharks and rays. Or you can try the The Abyss, which drops you 50 feet in almost complete darkness.

Cover Photo: PhotoRoman/
Photo 2: Schlitterbahn

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