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They Did What?: 

Could this be the world’s greatest supersoaker?


“Say hello to my little friend”

A London designer has created what could truly be the best, most powerful supersoaker the world has ever seen.

Alex Bygrave, a 27-year-old from South London, has put together the beastly device simply by using parts found in everyday life – 55 parts to be exact.

Bygrave used instruments including a black cab’s windscreen wiper to provide the rotary motion of the super soaker and a walking pole handle that functions as the pump. It has all carefully been held together using the flexible, rubbery super-adhesive Sugru. The great thing about Sugru is that once it’s cured, its durable properties lend to its survival in the most extreme environments. So don’t be afraid to blast this gun to your heart’s content, in the comfort of knowing this is a sturdy weapon of H20 destruction.

The Gatling style gun is powered by a CO2 canister and is capable of blasting up to a range of 40ft. It can also hold two gallons of water, more than enough to confidently head into battle. For added machine gun effect, the water is fired out through six barrels, all powered by two large fire extinguishers. Bygrave even added food dye so that each barrel fires a different coloured water.


These unarmed participants never stood a chance

On the production process, Bygrave said, “Combining Sugru with existing parts, I was able to make custom valves, pistons and injectors integral to the Gatling motion and colouring of the jets of water.”

The water blasting monstrosity took a total of 50 hours to build and it doesn’t come cheap. The current price tag stands at £1,250, which seems steep at first glance, considering it was constructed with everyday household goods. But you can’t put a price on being able to say you have the world’s beast supersoaker, right? See it in action below;

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