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They Did What?: 

The world’s longest bike is 117ft long, but it has competition


This isn’t officially the longest bike in the world. Yet.

Believe it or not, there’s an ongoing battle for the title of World’s longest bike, and as the saying goes, these records are made to be broken.

So who’s going toe-to-toe in this epic showdown? It’s between members of the Dutch cycling group ‘Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg’ and a group of bike enthusiasts at the University of South Australia.

Mijl Van Mers Werkploeg (MVMW) cemented themselves in the Guinness World Records 2016 for their bike which stretches up to 117 feet and five inches in length. That’s almost as long as half of a New York City block.

The bike takes two people to properly get it going, one at the front to steer it around and another in the back to put all the work in and pedal. Here’s what that looks like;

Earlier this year, though, the University of South Australia built a bike that measures a whopping 135 feet and 10.7 inches in length (pictured above). The bike has 20 seats, 19 sets of pedals as well as six interconnected chains running parallel. According to the University, everyone has to pedal except the person in charge of steering the bike. After a huge collective effort, the group was apparently able to ride the bike up to a distance of approximately 328 feet.

Whether or not the bike from the University of South Australia makes it into next year’s edition of the popular Guinness Book of World Records is all down to the editorial team. So for now, the title stays with MVMW of the Netherlands. This title may be short-lived, however, and if they want to hold on to it they’re going to have to muster up something that whistles to the tune of over 136 feet or more.

We wait with bated breath…

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