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They Did What?: 

World’s tallest Lego tower constructed in Budapest

London is proud to be home of The Shard, the Empire State Building is as iconic as the city of New York and Dubai gloats about Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. If a tall building makes a city famous, though, Budapest should share some of the spotlight.

In just four days, a team of professional Lego builders in Budapest assembled a tower in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica that reached 34.76m (114ft). On top of the impressive construction the builders placed a large representation of a Rubik’s cube in honour of Erno Rubik, the toy’s inventor.

The previous holders of the record, a group of students in Delaware, did not enjoy their success for long since they only claimed the record in August last year with a tower standing 34.43m (112ft 11in) tall and comprising some 500,000 bricks.

The current holders were more efficient with their resources using only 450,000 bricks and – according to the official Guinness World Record guidelines – ‘stood independently, with no adhesive or supports to keep it upright.’

The record for the tallest Lego tower is a favorite amongst ambitious record-breakers – it was broken a notable three times last year. Budapest might claim a glorious position in the Guinness book of World Records, but logic dictates it won’t be long before Lego again reaches new heights.

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