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They Did What?: 

This Amsterdam hotel is the worst in the world (and proud of it)

worst hotel amsterdam

“It can’t get any worse, but we’ll do our best”

Award-winning businesses often display their honors proudly above reception, but Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is the illustrious owner of a different kind of accolade. The $35-a-night hotel is the self-proclaimed ‘Worst in the World’.

The hotel’s unorthodox marketing strategy includes slogans such as ‘It can’t get any worse. But we’ll do our best,’ ‘Improve your immune system – stay at Hans Brinker!’ and ‘Now with beds in every room.’

Guests are told to forget about elevators, telephones and TV sets and prepare themselves for staff that do as little as possible. Clean towels are also out of the question in rooms which can sleep up to 7 guests at a time – all of in the name of an eco-friendly approach. The Hans Brinker outlined its accidental commitment to saving the environment in its promotional video below;

A few bad reviews shouldn’t worry the Hans Brinker too much, as all the worst information can be found on its own website. A very honest disclaimer reads: “Welcome to Hans Brinker, the cheapest, the worst, the swimming pool, no roomservice, no pick-up service, no bridal-suite, no gym, no spa, no bellboy, but cheap rooms, a restaurant, a nice bar, a club, 24 hour reception and 500 beds.”

In its latest ‘campaign,’ the team behind the hotel asks for Facebook likes likes from guests that have complaints. Whether or not this media attention has translated to more visitors is unclear, but its videos at least have been watched several hundred thousand times.

So, if you are visiting the Netherlands on a budget any time soon then why not consider the Hans Brinker? At the very least, you can guarantee its honesty.

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