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They Did What?: 

Amateur YouTube Musicians Discovered By Mashup Maestro

If you enjoy digging around in the depths of YouTube as much as we do, then you may remember Kutiman – the Tel Aviv-based YouTuber whose brilliant mashups of amateur musicians wowed viewers back in 2009. Now he’s back, and his latest video (above) may be his greatest masterpiece yet.

Kutiman scours the internet for undiscovered musical talent and stitches his findings together to create original mashup compositions. His new song ‘Give It Up’ features more than 20 different musicians from around the world, bringing together a 6-year old pianist with an unknown singer, Da Princess, whose soulful acappella has already sent commenters into a frenzy.

Kutiman is careful to credit each original sample in his videos, including Da Princess’ vocal which saw a huge spike in views and comments on her own channel. The singer said she was in tears reading the comments, and recorded her own video response to the mashup.

As well as being a star of YouTube, Kutiman’s latest video links to a website which promises the release of an album of his original compositions next month. ‘Give it Up’ will feature on the record, so if you like what you hear above lookout for Thru You Too which lands on October 1.

In the meantime, you can watch one of Kutiman’s older mashups, the excellently titled ‘The Mother of All Funk Chords’, below;

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