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Zombie-proof cabin hits Kickstarter


The zombie-proof cabin will be part of a brand new ‘survival experience’.

Remember the world’s first zombie fortification cabin? News broke of it around this time last year – it’s a cabin that claims to be completely resistant to zombies, so when the inevitable happens and hordes of the undead come knocking, you’ll be safe and sound. Well now it’s hit crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and is seeking funds to be made real.

However, it’s not quite what was first promised. It’s still made by Tiger Sheds, but they’ve joined forces with Sheffield-based zombie survival experience Zombie Infection. So instead of having it in your garden as a means to survive the zombie apocalypse, it will now be built on one of Zombie Infection’s sites – the firm uses a disused factory in Sheffield, an asylum in Liverpool, Sherwood Forest and a prison in Leicester, among others. The cabin will be used in either the Sheffield or Sherwood Forest sites, and be incorporated into the game.

According to the Kickstarter page, the shed will “form part of a brand new survival experience dreamed up by Zombie Infection”.

It might even get an upgrade from the original version. The original boasts an upper deck with 360-degree vantage point and escape hatch (so you can sip a cocktail while watching the zombie hordes), reinforced slit windows, walls and doors, barbed wire surround, a storage area for weaponry, a garden section to grow vegetables, a toilet system, kitchen area and microwave, and living room with TV, Xbox and turntables. It’s quite a pad.

However, so far the cash flow has been more of a shuffle than a sprint. At time of writing, it’s only raised £82 of a £120,000 target. But there are still 28 to go. Let’s check back 28 days later and see if it’s successful.

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