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The 10 best vines of 2014

When Vine was first launched in the summer of 2012, it’s strict 6-second video limit seemed too small to film anything that’s worth filming. A year and a half later though and how wrong we were, as users continue to surprise within tiny timeframes.

Earlier this year we marvelled at some of Vine’s best stop-motion artists, but there’s more to Twitter’s video platform than that. Here, then, are the best vines we saw this year;

1. Nine months in six seconds

2. A real-life video game

3. Table tennis

4. The evolution of content

5. Brum brum

6. Ketchup Mount Rushmore

7. The original Tinder

8. The 3D Selfie

9. Brands are getting creative too…

10. Just enjoying the moment

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