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10 Awesome Things To Do With A GoPro

So, you’ve got yourself a GoPro and at first it was great, but after two months of filming the dog you’ve hit a brick wall. What exactly are you supposed to do with this thing? It’s okay, we can relate, we can’t all jump on a skateboard and rack up 4 million YouTube hits, but personal cameras aren’t just about extreme sports and fancy camerawork. In fact, there are a bunch of great things to do with a GoPro without even leaving your home.

Here’s ten ideas to get you started – transforming even boring, everyday activities into videos you can’t take your eyes off.

1. Attach it to a hula hoop

Learning to surf like Kelly Slater would take a lifetime of dedication, but we reckon you could learn to hula hoop like this in about an hour – so save your lifetime of dedication for something else. The resulting GoPro video is every bit as cool.

2. Put it in the dishwasher

Ever wondered what goes on inside your kitchen appliances? No? Okay fine, but have a look anyway – it’s surprisingly transfixing.

3. Torment your cats

If you’re bored of filming your pets then, firstly, what’s wrong with you? But secondly, you’ll be amazed what you can create with a little editing and a Hollywood soundtrack.

4. Take it to work

What else are you going to do on your morning commute? Take a GoPro along for the ride and film your journey as a time-lapse.

5. Take it on a rollercoaster

The problem with rollercoasters is that after patiently queuing for 45-minutes a time, the ride itself is over in a flash. Film it with your GoPro next time and you can at least relive the experience from your sofa later.

6. Get a perfect view of the fireworks

If you’re fed up of seeing the same old firework display, send your camera airborne for a different perspective. You’ll need a drone to get up there, but the views are spectacular.

7. Get a bird’s-eye view…

Alternatively, the Freedom channel on YouTube is full of these great videos offering an Eagle-eye view of familiar locations. If you don’t have an eagle to hand (because really, why would you?), you could use a drone instead.

8. …Or get robbed by a seagull

Don’t have a drone or an eagle? Your best bet might be to leave your GoPro lying around at the beach and hope something comes along to give you a hand.

9. Learn the trombone

A lot of musicians are strapping GoPros to their instruments to show off their skills, but Trombonist David Finlayson’s effort will take some beating. A true GoPro visionary.

10. Jump out of a plane

Still not getting the most out of your GoPro? Then there’s only one thing for it – chuck yourself out of a plane take your camera for the ultimate thrill ride. If you’re not happy with the footage after that, then maybe this whole GoPro thing isn’t for you.

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