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This ridiculous 3D Head claims it will kill Oculus


The enormous Alien-like headset weighs a whopping 1.7 pounds

Oculus Rift may have been the big success story at CES over the last few years, but there’s a new VR headset in town that wants to take its crown and replace it with this giant sci-fi helmet.

The creators of the Alien-like 3D Head presented their product in Las Vegas this week under the banner of ‘Oculus Killer’, a phrase which is splashed over both their promotional videos and their booth at CES 2015. As Engadget reports, though, the 3D Head doesn’t really offer a virtual reality experience at all. Instead, It’s essentially a 7-inch tablet strapped to your face with a humongous, cumbersome shell and some dodgy 3D effects.

The 3D Head is said to weigh a neck-straining 1.7 pounds, and you’ll have to pay $535 for the privilege of owning one. For comparison sake, the commercially available Samsung Gear VR costs just $199, weighs significantly less and offers true virtual reality. Watch the hilariously bad trailer for 3D Head below;

So, how does 3D Head imagine it will kill off the Facebook-backed Oculus? The company is talking up the headset’s functionality which allows you to switch quickly and easily between 2D and 3D viewing modes – like, y’know, any other 3D headset – while it also offers a head-tracking feature. In fairness, Gizmodo reports this last function works just fine, but even so, it’s hard to get past the fact that this is a vastly different, inferior experience to Oculus.

The 3D Head is already the subject of its own subreddit, where the response has been brilliantly sarcastic. We’ll leave you to explore that for yourself, or you can read more about the headset over at the company’s website.

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