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Future Tech: 

3D-print a mini-you candle and watch your facial features melt


Marion Cotillard waxwork can’t be seen in Madame Tussauds

Between NASA space missions and shaping the future of transport, 3D printers and 3D-printed stuff is gradually making its way into our lives and our homes. But not everything that pops out of a 3D printer is for the good of mankind.

Introducing Scandles, a new scented candle that can be moulded into the shape of a mini-you using just three selfies and a 3D printer. The concept was brought to life by 3D-printing specialists iMakr and Parisian department store Le Bon Marche, hoping to appeal to the vain and the very vain with the world’s creepiest mantelpiece ornament. If the thought of a waxwork in the shape of your face isn’t unsettling enough, just wait until you light the wick and your features begin to melt before your eyes.

While those who live in Paris can have their faces scanned in-store to create the mould, everyone else can submit photographs to help sculpt the candle. Scandles are available in five different colours and scents, sold on a black marble base at £199 for a six inch bust, or £299 for an eight inch bust.

Who in their right mind would buy this?

Good question. But while a scented candle in the shape of your face might seem like an ostentatious purchase, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for 3D-printed miniatures. In Japan, Omote Shashin Kan will print you a personalised action figure in full color, paying close attention to the detail of your face, hair and clothes. German shop Twinkind offers the same via a full-body scan, while you can 3D-print just your decapitated head by sending your selfies into Firebox.

All this goes to show that somebody out there is buying this stuff. So, is it quirky gift? Or a super selfie for a generation no longer satisfied by 2D? Watch the promo video below and decide for yourself.

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