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The 5 most amazing screen protectors

screen protector

Well, if you insist on hitting your phone with a hammer – what do you expect?

When you buy a new phone, if you’re lucky, the good folks at the store will throw in a budget screen protector to help you, well, protect your screen. Along with the hassle of avoiding those dreaded air bubbles as well as the fact that nine times out of ten, they don’t last longer than a month or so, we’re not sure they’re your best option.

To paraphrase the great Bob Dylan, screen protectors are a’changing. Today there are an infinite number of options to choose from, but how the heck do you wade through them all in order to find the right one? Don’t fret, we’re here to make your life easier by compiling the five best screen protectors that can replace that old tattered one.


We kick things off with an incredible little piece of screen protector innovation. Kristall have created a liquid screen protector, eliminating the fuss of bulking up your phone with physical add-ons. The Kristall screen protector doesn’t use glue or any other type of adhesive, and doesn’t affect the touch-sensitivity of the screen in the slightest. With a 9H hardness rating (that’s a real measurement), the screen won’t suffer from finger marks or other forms of wear and tear. Kristall isn’t available just yet, but luckily for the USA, the site informs us that it’s coming soon.

Liquid protection, who'd have thought?

Liquid protection, who’d have thought?


We touched on Kablam not too long ago, and it deservedly finds a place in our screen protector hall of fame. Measuring a mere 0.26mm in thickness, may we remind you that this screen protector can withstand the weight of a motor vehicle. Yes, a car cannot crush your phone as long as you have Kablam. There’s only 25 days to go and Kablam has already long surpassed its $3,000 fundraising target, so it looks like it’s just a matter of time before we’re able to grab one of these indestructible screen protectors for ourselves.

EyeFly 3D

We were quite impressed with this particular screen protector, but not just for its protective qualities. Right, listen closely, this is how they say it works: “Basically, there are 500,000 lenses on the EyeFly3D screen protector that work to render any stereoscopic 3D content – right in the palm of your hand. These Nano lenses send a slightly different image to your left and right eye, to render your favourite content into immersive 3D.” So, to be clear, the EyeFly 3D is designed so that the content on your screen appears to be in 3D, despite the fact that you don’t need 3D glasses. Pretty clever, right? Unfortunately for Android users, EyeFly 3D is currently only available for iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S, 5, 5S & 5C, so Apple fans, enjoy.


Rhinoshield is their name and Impact Protection is their game. You would think that at only 0.026cm thick this screen protector would pretty much be good for nothing. But Rhinoshield (aptly named) is scratch resistant and 5 times sturdier than regular screen protectors. What’s more is that you can get an Oleophobic coating that prevents any smears or fingerprints ruining the visual aesthetics of your smartphone. Rhinoshield appears to be the next best thing to an actual Rhino shielding your phone. Not too shabby.


Puracoat is the product that will undoubtedly give kristall a run for its money. Puracoat is also a liquid screen protector currently making some serious noise in the Indiegogo world. We covered it recently and were impressed with the sheer support gathered on the upstart site. One of the most unique selling points of Puracoat was that the bottles can last up to 19 months, truly giving users value for money.

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