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5 Kickstarters to watch in December 2015

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re thinking that there isn’t a whole lot out there in terms of Christmas gifts, why not turn your attention to a few Kickstarter projects that we’re keeping a close eye on? From finger-picking an invisible guitar to rolling back the years playing tiny arcade games, we’ve got the best that Kickstarter has to offer this December.

The 5 best Kickstarters this December:

Kurv Guitar

How does this sound to all those rock’n’roll dreamers out there? A stringless digital guitar that lets you slash out the gnarliest riffs known to man using touch, motion and gesture. It’s been specifically designed to fit the shape of your hand and the reach of your fingers.

So how does it all work? All you have to do is press down on the touch pad in the palm of your hand and strum the pick like you would on a regular guitar. One of the more impressive factors is that the harder you strum the Kurv Guitar, the louder the sound will be. Along with that, the touchpad is actually pressure sensitive which lets you dictate things like pitch bending.

The accompanying app includes up to 60 classic songs to help you master the basics of the guitar before you start composing your own rock anthems. It’s almost like having your own tutor, as the app will instantly feedback on your playing technique after having tracked your overall progression. You’ll be filling out venues in no time.

Tiny Arcade

As the company proudly states in its opening gambit: “Tiny Arcade lets you relive the golden age of video games with an arcade cabinet that fits in the palm of your hand.” Need we say more? We will anyway, of course.

The guys at Tiny Arcade are huge fans of old school vibes, which is why they’ve taken the nostalgic arcade cabinet and made it just a few inches tall. This minute size is achieved thanks to TinyCircuits, which stack together like LEGO. It comes full with an analog joystick and the classic two-button format.

The games are free and open source so you can play games made by the Tiny Arcade community or even create your own. There’s a built-in speaker as well as a USB port to make sure you never run out of juice. You can also enjoy your own videos and movies on the fabulous OLED screen. It really is all the joys of retro gaming enclosed in a tiny box.

BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock

Have you ever wanted just that little bit more from your alarm clock? What about Spotify-Enabled wake up calls, wake-up lights or a morning traffic/commute time update? It’s all there with BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock.

Let’s break down some of the key features here. Thanks to Spotify integration, you can select playlists to suit your current mood. If you’re trying to psyche yourself up for work on a Monday or are enjoying a relaxing spell in bed during the weekend, you can pick a playlist to suit your needs. There is also a built-in weather forecast that shows up on the BEDDI dashboard so you’re always prepared for the day ahead. Smart buttons also make life that much easier, not to mention the one-click Uber option where BEDDI locates the nearest cab to you and alerts you using voice notifications when it’s arrived.

BEDDI features three smart buttons, which each have three separate modes (single click, double click, long press). This gives you nine commands in order to control things like your coffee machine or the heating. It really does feel like BEDDI has it all, but check out the video above for yourself.

Grove Ecosystem

Thanks to a group of highly intelligent individuals from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it’s now possible to grow your very own fresh food right from the comfort of your own home.

The idea behind Grove Ecosystem is to encourage people to grow and eat more sustainable, organic and hyperlocal food. It works by using fish, plants and other microbes to help reliably grow fresh produce including the likes of vegetables, herbs and smaller fruits. And this all in a system no bigger than a bookshelf.

Using the mobile app, Grove OS, you can take full control of the ecosystem as well as access a huge archive of information relating to indoor growing which will ensure you’re able to grow the healthiest and freshest produce possible. If you’re new to the whole experience don’t worry because everything you need to know comes straight out of the box. From planting your very first seed to harvesting your first crops, it’s all there. Now there’s no excuse not to live green.

Latitude iPhone Case

Here it is folks, the “first and only wireless charging case for the iPhone”. Compatible with every type of charger, this could become one of your most treasured everyday items if all goes well (and by the looks of things, all is going very well indeed).

Bezalel, the company behind the Latitude iPhone case, wanted to design something that was both easily accessible and a no-brainer to use. They’re quick to point out that wireless charging isn’t that new a phenomenon, with the likes of Starbucks, Delta Airlines and McDonald’s already using the technology, but that iPhone users shouldn’t have to pick “a side in the war over competing charging standards”.

What separates Lattitude from some of the other wireless charging cases out there is that the company is working on a case that works with every type of wireless charger. There’s only 13 days left if you want to back this project, so if you like the sound of it, go, go, go!

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