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Future Tech: 

AirDog drone sends your GoPro videos airborne


It actually flies and follows you around! Hollywood be afraid

Introducing Airdog, the drone that could revolutionise homemade sports videos by following the action via a wrist-attached controller.

Up to now, most action videos were centred on a POV shot analysis, using GoPro cameras usually attached to the person’s attire. With Airdog, though, aerial footage previously shot on expensive professional equipment could soon be feasible for ordinary people. The product has already launched its Kickstarter campaign.

The drone weighs 3.9 pounds (1.7 kg). It uses Bluetooth and has a speed of up to 40 mph. Flight time is estimated to be 10-15 minutes, depending on use, flight speed, temperature and altitude above sea level.

“Till now it was possible to put a camera on your helmet, chest or hold in your hands to get a close up of yourself in action,” says Helico founder Edgars Rozentals.

“GoPro revolutionised the way we shoot video in action sports. But in these POV type videos you cannot show how big that kicker or wave really was or how epic that nature view was in the background. You needed someone else to shoot you from aside. To get aerial footage is even more challenging and expensive; you had to hire a professional photographer with RC piloting skills.”

AirDog is attempting to be different than similar products by being fully autonomous. It simply requires you to wear a wrist-strapped controller called AirLeash that the drone will obey.

“You can take it everywhere. Fold it down, put in your backpack and go wherever you want. Then turn it on, put on the ground, strap the tracker on wrist or helmet and with push of a button it will take off and start following you in desired altitude and angle,” clarifies Rozentals. “We are putting technology that used to be available only for pros and rich into hands of every sports enthusiast.”

AirDog isn’t going to have your average game gadget price tag, starting at $995 for the first 100 early-bird Kickstarter backers.

  • Thanks so much for mentioning AirDog!

    There are four major AirDog advantages:
    1. It is tested and working prototype ready for production.
    2. It will be the first commercial product of its kind in the market from November 2014.
    3. It has AirLeash – waterproof GPS device tracking your movement with a significantly better signal than smartphones. Additionally you can use it with gloves when you ride, as well as during surfing and kiteboarding.
    4. Two years of R&D invested into the creation of a working prototype to get the best possible solution for action sports.

    It would be awesome if you supported AirDog on Kickstarter:
    So far we’ve reached our 500,000 $ goal and still have 24 until the campaign ends! Let’s make a revolution in drone-made photos and videos together!

    Dita Team Airdog

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