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Alba is the smart lightbulb that adjusts to you

Alba is one smart lightbulb!

This is one smart lightbulb!

Alba is a new smart lightbulb that responds to its surroundings, adjusting lighting according to sunlight, movement or user command.

Brought to us by Stack, a company assembled by ex-Tesla engineer Neil Joseph, Alba is a lightbulb that aims to not only make our life easier but also save substantial amounts of energy.

What is Alba capable of?

Alba doesn’t need a switch to work. Motion sensors enable the light when you enter the room and subsequently turn off the lights when you exit. It can also be synced with your alarm clock to gently wake you up using the right amount of light.

Alba also changes light shades according to the time of day. In the morning it will emit a bright white colour to help you wake up or focus in the office for optimum performance. In the evening the smart lightbulb will release a warmer shade of light to help you relax. As the evening progresses Alba will gradually dim the light to trigger your body to relax and get ready for sleep.

Joseph told Wired that his vision for devices that will adapt to external factors and human behaviour doesn’t stop with Alba. He wants to work on everything from “thermostats to smart beds that track how people sleep,” covering even more ground in creating the smart house of the digital age.

Alba is ready to pre-order at a cost of $150 and will launch in early 2015. That might seem a tad expensive for a starter kit that includes just two bulbs and a hub, but don’t forget that you’ll make savings on your energy bill when using Alba. Then there’s the extra comfort you’ll gain from having the perfect lighting – and you can’t put a price on comfort. Actually, yes you can, it’s $150.

Photos: Stack

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