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Apple to unveil ‘really big’ iPhone this year

Apple to unveil really big iPhone

This year, Apple is going to unveil a new, super-sized iPhone – no, wait, it really is! Summer, of course, wouldn’t be summer without a tidal wave of pointless speculation regarding the size, name and possible functions of the next iPhone – so much so that each year, it’s quite easy to find yourself clicking on last year’s stories about an upcoming large screen iPhone by mistake – or even 2012’s vintage crop of smoke and mirrors.

Late last year, in fact, everyone was predicting that the next iPhone would not only be super-sized but have a curved screen, after both LG and Samsung unveiled futuristic looking phones with the (largely pointless) function.

 Rumours of a curved iPhone faded as LG and Samsung released theirs – neither changed the world 
Of course, that rumour faded a little, when the two tech giants actually let people try their phones, the LG Flex (which had the added gimmick of being actually flexible, with a slim battery so users wouldn’t snap the cell in half during enthusiastic bouts of flexing), and the Samsung Galaxy Round. “You may notice more mistakes when typing on the Round’s curved screen,” admits CNET tactfully. Neither, it’’s safe to say, has changed the world.

Apple, naturally, HAS to unveil a big phone this year, to compete with rivals such as Samsung – whose Mega clocks in at 6.5 inches across the diagonal.  But as anyone truly in the know could tell you, Samsung’s phones peaked in 2009, with a Samsung Messenger handset that was 11 feet tall, weighed 350lb (158kg), and actually worked.

Samsung MEGA

Apple needs a giant of its own to compete with the 6.3″ Samsung Mega

This year for the first time, iPhone users will be able to get in shape by using a 1.5kg iPhone case, designed to turn your smartphone into a dumbbell. This is not a joke. Sadly, the ‘World’s Heaviest iPhone Case’ is all too real, and on sale now to fitness addicts who just can’t let go. No matter what size of phone Apple finally rolls out, you’ll definitely have the biceps and triceps to cope.

But this year, serious news outlets such as Bloomberg are lending weight to the usual crazy rumours – including the fact that the device will include a barometer (yep, one of those giant, clock-shaped pressure sensors to be found on the walls of really old people’s homes), or be called the iPhone Air, or, as per Digital Trends’ optimistic report, be released in June (in a report dated 19th June).

Just how big will it actually be? Sensible opinion seems to be in the 5.5-inch range – around the same size as whopping phones such as Samsung’s Notes, just minus the silly stylus. Any bigger, and the company’s on dangerous ground – as this list of the Top 10 Worst Android Phones of all time shows. Not only is the list litttered with ‘screen innovations’, number one on the list, the Kyocera Echo, is an attempt to outdo even Samsung’s ideas: it actually has two screens.

Just how big can phones get  before we all throw them aside and yell, “Stop, enough!” Well, as any student of the history of mobiles will tell you, we’ve got a way to go yet before we even come close to the magnitude of historic phones. This video contains explicit footage of some of the most monstrous handsets people used to carry about – and actually think they were ‘cool’ for  doing so…

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