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Future Tech: 

Meet the South Korean baseball team with robotic fans

So how do you like the game? Not much of a talker, ha?

So how do you like the game? Not much of a talker, huh?

We have witnessed a fair few impressive displays of robotic technology development in recent years but this one might be the most impressive yet.

The Hanwah Eagles, a South Korean baseball team, went on to replace human fans with remote control robots. The team, despite performing particularly bad, has a very dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. To support their team in spirit when they can’t physically be present, the fans are being substituted by robots that act and behave like human beings.

It’s a futuristic move that we’re not sure whether to be excited or deeply unsettled by, as demonstrated in the following video;

The stadium includes three rows of seats of robots holding displays that can be used to air messages sent directly from the fans who can’t be at the game. Each robot also features an LED screen on its head that actually shows a picture of the fan who submitted the message, which, to be honest, feels a little creepy. The robots will be as active as any real fun since they can even perform cheering maneuvers like the world-renowned ‘wave.’

Approximately 90,000 messages from fans, come to show that this extreme idea is being welcomed by the fan base of the team. Perhaps this is the way to accommodate our busy schedule and avoid violence in the stadiums. Then again can you imagine the scene of a stadium full of robots? Is that a future you want to live in?

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