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Future Tech: 

Video shows awkward ‘Cyber Dating’ from the 1990s

Internet dating has become almost the norm for today’s generation of lovebirds. There are sophisticated matchmaking websites with personalized profiles and smartphone applications to keep us connected on the go – but that hasn’t always been the case.

Where did this dating revolution begin? This 17-year-old clip from the PBS series ‘Computer Chronicles‘ gives us a hilarious insight into just how far we’ve come.

Before Tinder and Facebook, there were clunky chat rooms and extensive questionnaires. There were also ‘specialised news groups’ and cyber dating forums for posting messages to one another – sometimes waiting days for a reply.

Best of all, though, is the Cyrano Server – A digital Lothario that could help you construct love letters to the object of your affections. According to the video, all you had to do is fill in some personal details and select how ‘steamy’ you wanted your letter to be, and Cyrano will lovingly pen your letter for you. A better idea in theory than in practice, as it turns out.

One of Cyrano’s letters is actually featured in the video, signed off with the line “Please meet me tomorrow dressed in your kneepads, and we will celebrate our questionable love together.” The same letter included such other gems as “Your elbows are my anchor in the stormy sea of life”, and an oatmeal reference that will make you blush.

Thankfully, Cyrano is out of a job in 2014.

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