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Future Tech: 

Domino’s unveil ‘The Easy Order’ button – push for pizza


Keep well away from children, pets and drunks.

Takeaway pizza is already one of the ultimate indulgences when you’re feeling lazy, but it’s now become even easier to stuff your face. With The Easy Order button from Domino’s, you can now simply push for pizza.

The physical button comes packaged in its own miniature pizza box, but instead of piping hot cheesy goodness, lifting the lid will reveal only a singular magnetic button. It’s connected to an app via Bluetooth, and all you need to do to place your order is push it.

Before you can do that, you’ll need to feed the button some important information – like your favorite toppings. Just sign-in to the app to provide details of your favorite Domino’s order, then add your card details and delivery address so the driver know where to find you. Now all you need to do is keep the button somewhere safe (away from kids, pets, drunks…), but in easy reach for pizza-based emergencies.

It’s a lot like the easy-order Dash buttons released by Amazon earlier this year, but for pizza not washing detergent, so infinitely more exciting.

Is this what human progress look like? Not really. Is this a technological gimmick in order to sell more pizza? Definitely. But will we do anything in our power to get our hands on The Easy Order button anyway? Guilty.

If you live in the UK, the good news is that you won’t have to wait long – The Easy Order button will be available to buy early next year. Don’t worry if you live in the US, though, you can also place an ‘Easy Order’ by tweeting the pizza slice emoji to Domino’s account. What a world.

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