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Future Tech: 

Roll up, roll up for the Drone Circus!

Air Drone Circus

All the fun of the fair! Without the clowns.

Oh boy! The circus is in town!

Only, this particular circus is missing your standard menagerie of lions, tigers and bears (oh my), replacing them with less exotic, but equally dangerous drones. Oh, and that town is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which possibly isn’t on your doorstep.

The drone circus is called AIR: a joint venture between Fjuze, a promotion company and the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

“In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects. AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones,” a statement on the official website breathlessly reveals.

It’ll be held at the Amsterdam Arena – a venue with a retractable roof. Seems like a good idea to us, given the number of times we’ve seen our mini drones falling to the ground following a bump with the ceiling. Maybe they’ll actually have professional drone pilots as well: that’d be handy.

No word on when the drone circus will be or how much it’ll cost yet, just the rather impressive trailer released below, complete with an excited looking crowd. We have no idea what they’re excited about, given the event hasn’t happened yet, but we don’t care: we’ve got drone fever, and are scanning the internet for cheap flights to Europe. Want to come?

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